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Main course (first dishes):
17 recipes

Difficulty2Portions4Time in minutes100:. Calabrian pasta
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes40:. Rice and endive
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes50:. Spaghetti with mussels
Difficulty2Portions4/6Time in minutes60:. Gnocchi with tomatoes sauce
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes60:. My way genoese pasta
Difficulty1Portions4 Time in minutes45:. Pumpkin soup
Difficulty2Portions4Time in minutes60:. Tortellini in broth
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes60:. Mezze penne with cannellini
Difficulty2Portions4Time in minutes60:. Rice with lentils
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes60:. Peas soup
Difficulty3Portions4Time in minutes180:. White lasagne
Difficulty2Portions4Time in minutes60:. Savoy cabbage with rice
Difficulty2Portions4Time in minutes50:. Fettuccine with porcini mushrooms
Difficulty2Portions4Time in minutes40:. Fettuccine with pesto
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes80:. Etruscian fettuccine
Difficulty3Portions4Time in minutes60:. Woodman's fettuccine
Difficulty1 Portions4Time in minutes25:. Tuna fish spaghetti (white version)
Second course:
18 recipes

Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes20:. Baccalà with tomato sauce
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes20:. Pork with "papaccelle"
Difficulty1Portions6Time in minutes40:. Breaded coutlet lamb
Difficulty2Portions4Time in minutes60:. Full peppers
Difficulty2Portions4/6Time in minutes45:. Artichokes omlet
Difficulty2Portions4/6Time in minutes150:. Meatball with tomato sauce
Difficulty1Portions6Time in minutes90:. Meat in broth
Difficulty2Portions6/8Time in minutes100:. Full eggplants
Difficulty2Portions6Time in minutes90:. Stuffed roll
Difficulty1Portions6Time in minutes30:. Fried mozzarella
Difficulty2Portions6Time in minutes90:. Genoese meat
Difficulty2Portions4Time in minutes60:. Spring lamb with ham
Difficulty2Portions4Time in minutes60:. Tuna meatballs
Difficulty2Portions6Time in minutes90 :. Full mushrooms
Difficulty3 Portions4 Time in minutes90:. Dentex fish in the oven
Difficulty3Portions4Time in minutes120:. Meat bundles with tomato sauce
Difficulty2Portions4Time in minutes40:. ground meat to the oven
Difficulty2Portions4Time in minutes90:. Little meatballs with peas

Appetizers, vegetables and... :
17 recipes

Difficulty1Portions10Time in minutes10:. Seasoned olives
Difficulty1Portions8Time in minutes20:. Canapé tuna and peppers
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes20:. Small artichokes and parmesan cheese
Difficulty1Portions8Time in minutes25:. Tuna fish appetizer


Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes45:. Mediterranean cocumber cooked in oven
Difficulty1Portions6Time in minutes30:. Mushrooms with tomato
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes30:. Fried mediterranean cocumber
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes60:. sweet little peppers
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes50:. Papaccelle with tomato sauce
Difficulty1Portions6Time in minutes40:. Broccoli raab
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes20:. Carrots with whipped cream
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes30:. Garden peas in salad
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes40:. Carrots salad
Difficulty3Portions4Time in minutes60:. "gratin" peppers
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes30 :. Puntarelle all'agro
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes50:. Mashed potatoes
Difficulty1Portions4Time in minutes50:. Butter spinaches
Cakes and sweets:
18 recipes

Difficulty2Portions4Time in minutes80:. Crème caramel
Difficulty2Portions8Time in minutes50:. Wine bagels
Difficulty2Portions8Time in minutes90:. Orange fruit cake
Difficulty1Portions6Time in minutes40:. Semicold to the macaroons
Difficulty1Portions10Time in minutes50:. "Castagnole"
Difficulty1Portions6/8Time in minutes40:. "Frappe"
Difficulty1Portions10Time in minutes40+T.U.:. "Salame" choccolate
Difficulty1Portions10Time in minutes60:. "Bavarese" choccolate
Difficulty3Portions8Time in minutes60:. "Tozzetti"
Difficulty3Portions8Time in minutes60:. White "bavarese"
Difficulty2Portions6Time in minutes60:. Bananas and macaroons tart
Difficulty3Portions10Time in minutes70:. "Roccocò"
Difficulty3Portions6Time in minutes50:. "Struffoli"
Difficulty2Portions8Time in minutes50:. Tatin cake
Difficulty2Portions6Time in minutes50:. Tiramisù
Difficulty2Portions8Time in minutes90:. Pineapple cake
Difficulty2Portions8Time in minutes120:. Apple cake in the northern manner
Difficulty2Portions8Time in minutes60:. Polenta cake

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