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When I was little my grandmother took me to eat in an open air trattoria. It started raining. It took three hours to finish the broth.

Mario Zucca

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Do-it-yourself cooking? No mama!? Mmmmm…
Shrinks might be able to give us many theories about the relationship between children, their mums and food, and right from the very beginning confusing the the latter two. but it’s true that our first love of food is linked to our mum’s cooking. Having digested this fact one thing is certain, nothing beats mum’s cooking. And being biased we have to say that no one cooks like an Italian mum. Here things get serious as tradition, culture and many other factors come into play. Best to leave it to the simple pleasure of enjoying good food. On the table wholesome recipes, flavours and the tricks of the trade handed down from one generation of mothers to the next.


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